Do you find yourself liking Freddie Jackson, Tom Hardy's character from The Take? Then this is the tumblr to be at.

Sure he is a horrible character we all know this but there is just something about him we enjoy!

Just so you know, I do not condone what he did to the Maggie character or any other sinister thing he does...I just love how great of a villain he is.
Mon Apr 14
This is when Freddie makes me swoon.

This is when Freddie makes me swoon.

Sun Apr 13
So cute.

So cute.

Stressful time for Freddie.

by mason-llyod

Fri Apr 11

Oh Freddie…behave…for once!

Tue Apr 8

Freddie…trying to handle things.

Mon Apr 7

Smoooooth with the ladies.

Sun Apr 6

Oooh Freddie.

Fri Apr 4


The Take → Tom Hardy + Smoking
Wed Apr 2

Losing control Freddie!

Sun Mar 30

Loves these fan videos of Freddie.